Student advising



Please see this dedicated page to learn more about the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic on the immigration process and on health and hospitalization insurance. [/boite_grise]

Advising service with Appointment


If you are studying at Université Laval, you can meet with an international student advisor virtually or in person for information or guidance on the following topics:

  • Obtaining or renewing the immigration documents for you and your immediate family members.
  • Help to face the challenges of adjusting to and finding your place in Quebec and university life.

By meeting with one of our advisors, you agree to our service standards.

Who is the advising service for?

This service is intended exclusively for those registered in a Université Laval study program, exchange students, and recent graduates.

Advising service hours

Tuesday and Thursday: 9:15 a.m. to 3 p.m. (closed between 12 and 13 p.m.)

We are closed on holidays.



The advising service will be closed on November 19th, 2019.


*** Important:  the individual consultation services are suspended until further notice. For any question, we invite you to contact us at

The university community is encouraged to consult the COVID-19 web page to stay informed as the situation evolves, as well as to see various public health recommendations.***

The appointments are for a maximum of 30 minutes.

Exceptionally, there will be no individual consultations for international students from November 27 to December 1.




Our service is closed for the Holidays. We will be back on January 3.


You can book an appointment through our online booking platform. You can have an appointment in person or online.

Once you have registered, make sure you have received your confirmation email. If you did not receive it, it is perhaps that you made an error in your email or that it is in your spam box. If you have any problems, please contact us at 418 656-2765.

Collection of personal information

Université Laval collects your information to offer you an appointment with an international student advisor. All required information is mandatory, unless otherwise specified.

To access or modify your information, please contact the person responsible for the protection of personal information.

To learn more about the protection of your personal information, please refer to our privacy policy.

Two types of sessions are offered:

Short meetings
These 10-minute sessions will be available by reservation 24 hours in advance.

Longer meetings
These 30-minute sessions will be available by reservation 7 days in advance.

You can also choose which advisor you want to meet with. To see the availability of all advisors, select “N’importe quel employé”. If there isn’t a time available that works for you, come back the next day to check for new time slots.


Meeting with LNG Services

To meet the high demand for appointments during the ongoing pandemic, the Student Life Office (BVE) is making it possible for you to book an appointment with an immigration consultant from the firm LGN Services, in addition to booking appointments with our advisors. If you meet with LGN Services, you can discuss only things related to Immigration Canada documents, such as study permits, work permits, and temporary resident visas. For all other questions, book an appointment with a BVE advisor.


If you have symptoms of COVID (in French only), don’t come to Université Laval.

We grant one appointment per person at a time. You must wait until you have had your first consultation before asking for a second appointment.

In case of multiple appointment requests, only the last request will be approved.

We do not accept appointments by email, by voicemail or in-person.

Appointments will be no more than 30 minutes long.

To book an appointment, call the Student Life Office (BVE)—Monday to Friday after 9:00 a.m. (418-656-2765). Appointment slots are scheduled up to one week in advance.

Appointments are available for the same day only.

Two ways to make an appointment:

  • From 8:30 a.m.: in person at Bureau de la vie étudiante
  • From 9:00 a.m.: by phone at 418 656-2765

You can make an appointment in person, Tuesdays and Thursdays, starting at 8:30 a.m. at the Student Life Office. For urgent matters, we recommend that you register in person to be sure to be seen as soon as possible.

You can also make an appointment by phone, starting at 9 a.m. at 418 656-2765.

On the day you seek to meet an advisor, you can show up in person at our office from 8:30 a.m. onward or call at 418 656-2765 after 9 a.m. Same day appointments are booked on a «first come, first served» basis. You will be given an approximate time for your appointment when you sign up. Please arrive at least 10 minutes in advance. We make every effort to be ready for your appointment on schedule. Unfortunately, we may fall slightly behind schedule, in which case your appointment may start later than planned. Thank you for your understanding.

For in-person appointments (“présentiel”)

Make sure you arrive 5 minutes in advance. We recommend that you have your immigration documents, such as your CAQ and study permit, on hand.

For virtual appointments (“en ligne”)

Connect 5 minutes before your appointment.

Virtual meetings are done on the Teams platform. You will receive a clickable link to connect in your confirmation email.

We will do our best to try to meet you at the appointment time that you have been given. However, there may be a slight delay in appointment times. Your appointment may start a little later than expected. Please stay connected while waiting for your advisor.


If you are no longer available for your appointment, use the cancellation link in the confirmation email to cancel your appointment or contact us by phone as soon as possible.

We do not accept appointments by email or by voicemail.


We do not answer immigration consultation questions by email. In order to adapt to your needs and better serve you, short and longer in-person and virtual meeting timeslots are available.

You can email international student advisors at anytime with questions about immigration matters or any other question regarding our services.

To be answered you must write to us from your university email account ( or, if writing from another account, include your Université Laval ID number or IDUL. We will therefore reply to emails within 5 business days (Monday to Friday).

Question sent from any other email account or without UL ID will not be answered.

Service standards

All of our advisors are licensed by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC). As such, they must adhere to the Code of Professional Conduct and the highest standards of confidentiality, including those of the Act respecting access to documents held by public bodies and the protection of personal information.


  • Our service is free of charge.
  • A 10-minute or 30-minute session per meeting, depending on the chosen option.
  • There is no limit to the number of appointments you can have while you are eligible for our service. However, we allow only one appointment per person at a time. If you ask for multiple appointments, we will approve only your last request. You have to wait until you have completed your first appointment before booking another.
  • If you are late for your appointment, you will lose your spot. You will have to start the process again and book an appointment for another day if there is no time slot available on the same day.
  • Attending your appointment and being on time are important. In the event of repeated no-shows, last-minute cancellations or late arrivals, the BVE reserves the right to suspend your eligibility for our service for a period of 30 to 90 days.
  • We offer this immigration service so you can get advice and help in navigating the immigration steps you need to take to stay in Canada as a student. We can’t represent you as you carry out these steps, nor can we complete or submit applications on your behalf.
  • We don’t intervene with IRCC or MIFI to change a decision or speed up how quickly they process an application.
  • If the circumstances aren’t conducive to holding a virtual appointment, our advisors reserve the right to end an appointment. If our employees are treated with disrespect, we reserve the right to end your appointment and/or suspend your eligibility for our service for 30 to 90 days.


  • Students in a study program, open studies, pre-university program, French language program (francization), or exchange program.
  • Students who are temporarily not enrolled (shut out from a program, on a leave of absence, had enrolment cancelled for administrative purposes, having status restored, changed program, etc.) and who want to take up studies again at Université Laval.
  • Recent graduates – for a maximum of 12 months after the date they obtained their degree.
  • Students who have been admitted, but have not started their studies at Université Laval – within 30 days prior to the start of their first semester.
  • Exchange students, from 30 days before the start of their exchange to 90 days after the end of the exchange.
  • Family members (spouse and children) of the above; these individuals must always be accompanied at their appointment by the student.


  • Université Laval employees, including training and research interns and postdoctoral fellows.
  • Graduates who have completed their studies more than 12 months ago.
  • Students from other educational institutions.
  • Students enrolled in non-credit studies with the Formation continue (Continuing Studies) department at Université Laval.
  • Permanent residents and Canadian citizens.

*If you have any doubts about whether you are eligible for our service or if you want to check whether we can offer you support in your situation, call us before booking an appointment.

Students who have been admitted to a Université Laval program but have not started their studies can write to for assistance with the immigration process to study in Canada.

Are you a training or research intern?
If so, see the Immigration – Training and research interns section of the Université Laval website.

Are you a postdoctoral researcher or clinical fellow?
If so, see the Immigration – Postdoctoral fellows section of the Université Laval website.

Are you interested in studying at Université Laval?
If so, get in touch with the Future Students Welcome Centre: International applicants | Studying at Université Laval | Québec City, Canada


Comment or complaint

In spite of the energy we put day after day into maintaining the highest quality of service, you may still be dissatisfied.

If you wish to file a complaint, you may do so by filling out the complaint form. This form will be forwarded to the Director of Bureau de la vie étudiante for follow-up. We commit to acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 2 business days and to provide you with a response within a maximum of 10 business days. If additional time is required to finalize the handling of your complaint, we will inform you as soon as possible. As a further recourse, if you feel aggrieved, you may contact the Bureau de l’ombudsman de l’Université Laval.

If you are dissatisfied with Université Laval’s handling of your case, you may also file a complaint with the CICC against a member of our team who holds the designation of Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or Regulated International Student Immigration Advisor (RISA) and who may have failed to comply with CICC’s Code of Ethics or demonstrated incompetence.

Student Advising Appointment


Because of the ongoing situation with the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), lappointments will be held by phone until further notice.

***Please note that you have to use the booking form to make an appointment. It is accessible on Tuesdays and Thursdays starting at 8:00 a.m. Appointments are available for the same day only. Once all the time slots are filled, the form will close automatically.***

Appointments are meant for situations that are considered urgent.


Our advisors are members in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council. Appointments will be no more than 30 minutes long.

This service is intended exclusively for students admitted to or registered in Université Laval study programs, exchange students, and recent graduates.

Are you a training or research intern? If so, see the Immigration – Interships at Université Laval section.

Are you a postdoctoral researcher or clinical instructor? If so, see the Immigration – Visiting professors, researchers and other short term visitors at Université Laval section.

Making an Appointment


You will receive an email within 90 minutes of submitting the form. The email will advise you of the approximate time an advisor will contact you. Once your appointment has been confirmed, please keep your phone close at hand. It would be a good idea to have a pen and paper handy for taking notes during the call.

Please note that there may be a slight delay in appointment times. Your appointment may start a little later than expected.

We aren’t accepting bookings by phone or email.



We recommend that you have your immigration documents, such as your CAQ, study permit and passport, on hand.


The online appointment booking is temporarily paused and will be reactivated on January 5, 2023 before 4 p.m. For any emergency, contact us at 418 656-2765.


You can contact the international student advisors at any time by email at

Write to us from your university email address (, and mention your Université Laval student identification number (NI).

An advisor will get back to you within three business days.