Private health insurance

While routine and basic medical services can add up quickly, emergency medical expenses can easily cost thousands of dollars in Canada.

Health insurance coverage is mandatory for all international students and for spouses and children who are accompanying an international student to Canada. It is your responsibility to enrol your dependents and yourself for health insurance.

Université Laval Health Insurance

All students have mandatory health insurance included in their fees while studying at Université Laval. This health insurance covers only registered students. If you are not registered for a Fall or Winter semester, this insurance will be voided.

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Additional health insurance

You must purchase an additional health and hospitalization insurance if:

  • Family members (spouse, children, etc.) come to live with you in Canada. Minor children (under 17 years old) of international students may be eligible for health insurance and prescription drug insurance coverage (Québec’s public plan—RAMQ) provided they intend to be in Québec for more than 6 months a year. Registration is done online, on the Government of Quebec website. Contact the RAMQ within 15 days of your child arriving in Québec so coverage can start as soon as they arrive.
  • You are not enrolled at Université Laval for a Fall or Winter semester and are therefore not covered by Université Laval health insurance.
  • You remain in Canada after graduation. You must be insured from the moment your insurance coverage from the university ends to the moment the coverage from Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec (RAMQ) for holders of a post-diploma work permit begins.
  • You remain in Canada after an exchange. You must be insured from the moment your insurance coverage from the university or Régie d’assurance maladie du Québec ends until your departure from Canada.

Getting a health insurance quote

Visitors and temporary resident must purchase an insurance called “health insurance” or “travel insurance” for visitors to Canada. Many Canadian insurance companies offer this kind of insurance.

It is suggested to request at least three quotes. You can compare their plans and choose the one that best fits your current situation. It is essential that you examine the policy booklet before making the final purchase. Here are a few factors to take into account before choosing a coverage:

  • The maximum amount covered (between $25,000 and $1,000,000 per year)
  • What is and what is not covered (dental bills, travels outside Canada, childbirth, contraception, pre-existing conditions, etc.)
  • The deductible (the amount you have to pay before claiming expenses to your insurer)
  • The age of the person to be covered (some companies will not insure people older than 59, 69, 90, etc.)

Note: Some companies require that you contact them within a specific amount of days following your arrival in Canada or the end of your previous coverage.

Health insurance providers

For information on other insurers who provide Visitor’s Insurance, please see a list of websites below. The following are just a few options that are provided for your convenience only and do not necessarily imply an endorsement by Université Laval.

The Government of Quebec gives free access to everyone to the COVID-19 screening test and COVID-19 related health care (when no coverage is already provided by the person’s country of origin, a federal government program or an insurance contract), regardless of the fact the person has or not a Health Insurance Card or a valid immigration status.

The following websites offer a quick way to compare prices and coverage:

The OmbudService of Health and life insurance can also be of great help to find Healh insurance company.