Getting around


Before planning your trip to Canada, make sure you meet the requirements to be allowed to travel to Canada. Have a close look at the “International Students: All you need to know” page to get all the information you need for your trip to Canada.

Please also note that you must wear a mask that covers your nose and mouth in all enclosed public spaces and on public transport.

Find out about fares or bike, bus or taxi rides on the BVE website.

The Laissez-passer universitaire-LPU (U-pass) ) is a public transit pass available only to full-time students at Université Laval. It offers unlimited access to the regular services of Réseau de transport de la Capitale (RTC) and Société de transport de Lévis (STLévis) for the fall and winter semesters. It is one of the mandatory institutional fees, and is automatically charged to all full-time students.

  • Fall semester: valid from September 1 to December 31
  • Winter semester: January 1 to April 30

Full time students

Are you studying full time at Université Laval in the Winter 2020 semester? If so, you can apply for your public transit Laissez-passer universitaire-LPU (U-Pass)! To get it, just go to monPortail, and choose to have it sent by mail to avoid the line-ups at the beginning of the school year. The U-Pass can be mailed only to addresses in Québec.

You can pick up your LPU at the information koisque Le Point (or at the Grand Salon duringthe event La Rentrée UL at the beginning of the sessions).

If you have reserved a room in residence but do not know your room number yet, you can pick your U-Pass up at the reception desk when you arrive at your residence hall.

Visiting students

If you are a visiting student (exchange student), the U-Pass is optional. You will automatically receive an email in the next few weeks confirming that you will be able to apply for the U-Pass and explaining how to do so.