Becoming a Buddy

The pairing may be done in person or at distance depending on the participant preferences.  If you do opt for a meeting in person, you must respect the government health recommendations. Since the situation is constantly evolving, we invite you to consult the COVID-19 page of Laval University to stay up to date.

You can apply to become a buddy if:
  • You are an Université Laval student and you have completed at least one semester
  • You are interested in other cultures and you would like to be involved in an intercultural project
  • You want to help a new student deal with culture shock
  • You are fluent in french

We ask student buddies to make themselves available a few hours a week during the first few weeks of the semester to help their partner get settled in and get to know the campus and the city.

As far as possible, students will be matched in accordance with the preferences they provide on their registration form. Buddies must attend a training session before they begin.

What you gain from the experience:

    • A rewarding encounter with people from other culture
    • A useful opportunity to prepare for your own international studies or internship project
    • A way to act locally and think globally
    • Enhanced awareness of intercultural and international issues
    • International experience for your résumé
    • A certificate of participation
The registrations for the Winter semester are now closed.

For the Fall semester 2020, you must register before Sptember 20th. The pairing will start on August 17th.


The registration form is available only in french, in order to evaluate the ability of our student buddies to speak french.

Registration form for becoming a buddy

Information 418 656-2131, poste 404791